Enrichment and Career Pathways Courses

  • Each summer, the District 214 Talent Development Program offers a broad selection of enrichment classes. These courses are offered in person and are open to all District 214 students. Summer enrichment classes are designed to engage students in diverse and fun learning opportunities and to encourage students to explore new interests, to develop new passions and to explore different careers.

    Summer enrichment classes are non-credit, so the learning environment is low-key and free of the pressure of homework and tests. Enrollment is, however, noted on student transcripts.

    Most classes run for four days, or one Summer Experience week. Students may enroll in multiple classes for several unique experiences. 

    Registration is now closed for Summer Enrichment courses. Please click here to change current enrollments: D214 SUMMER EXPERIENCE REGISTRATION LINK

    The weeks of Summer Experience are:

    SESSION 1: JUNE 10-27

    Week 1: June 10-13
    Week 2: June 17-21*
    Week 3: June 22-25

    *Due to Juneteenth falling on Wednesday, June 19, summer courses will run Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday that week.


    Week 4: July 8-11
    Week 5: July 15-18
    Week 6: July 22-25



Contact Information

  • For information regarding summer enrichment classes or registration, please call or email:

    Ann Cantieri
    Talent Development Program Assistant


    Anthony Miocic
    Talent Development Program Coordinator


    Laura Shepin
    Talent Development Program Coordinator