• The Board welcomes public comments at its meetings. When citizens desire to address the Board, they are encouraged to contact either Linda Keyes, assistant to the superintendent, at linda.keyes@d214.org, or Patrick Mogge, director of community engagement and outreach, at Patrick.Mogge@d214.org or 847-718-7600 prior to the board meeting.

    Regular In-Person Meetings

    The format for regular in-person agenda meetings provides two opportunities for the public to address the Board:

    • Citizens may address the Board on non-agenda items. Citizens may be asked to limit their comments to three minutes. However, if several citizens would like to address the Board on the same topic, the Board president will limit the time to two minutes per person. Although comments may be made on almost any matter related to the operation of schools, comments will not be allowed concerning individual students or staff members.
    • Citizens also may comment on agenda items following the presentation of each item and prior to a Board vote on the item. Typically, an item is placed on the agenda for discussion at one meeting and for action the next meeting. Rarely is an item moved from discussion to action in one meeting, but it can be done at the request of two Board members and with the consensus of the entire Board.

    Remote Meetings

    For the express purpose of protecting public health and in compliance with directives to avoid public gatherings, remote meetings will be conducted via an electronic video-conferencing application known as Zoom. Information regarding access to the audio recording of the Board of Education meeting is available on the District's website, www.d214.org

    • Public comments for agenda and non-agenda items will be accepted prior to the meeting via submission to the following email: linda.keyes@d214.org.  
    • Submissions must be received by 10:00 a.m. on the day of the meeting, must include the sender's name and should follow the decorum standards for in-person public comment. During the public participation portion of the meeting, the Superintendent will read or summarize the emails. The emails will be shared in totality with the Board of Education and will be posted on the District’s website.

    Although the board welcomes public comments, normally it does not respond to citizens' concerns at its meetings. However, at the citizen's request and the board's direction, Superintendent David Schuler or a designee will respond in a timely manner. If the resident would like a response from the board, he or she may write board members in care of the Administration Center, 2121 S. Goebbert Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60005, or e-mail them in care of Linda Keyes at linda.keyes@d214.org. Members of the public may also contact Board Members directly. 

    If you are disabled and require special assistance at Board meetings, please contact Linda Keyes at 847-718-7605.