Education and Training

  • Pathways in this cluster prepare students education careers at the early childhood, primary and postsecondary education levels. In addition to pathway courses and electives, each pathway offers early college credit and a wide range of hands-on learning experiences through work-based training and extracurricular activities.

    Educator Prep

    Educator Prep prepares today’s District 214 students to become tomorrow’s teachers in our own community, ensuring we are actively identifying, empowering and developing the next generation of high-quality educators.

    The program is a sequence of courses and experiences developed by District 214 in cooperation with community partners in primary, secondary and postsecondary education. Student opportunities in Educator Prep start as early as freshman year and can continue through college graduation and employment as an educator in a primary or secondary school.

    The Educator Prep program is designed to teach students the skills and knowledge they need to become successful educators. The program offers dual credits and the opportunity to observe and teach in various classroom environments. 

    The goal of the program is to recruit students interested in education and ensure they are qualified and prepared for teaching positions in Chicago’s northwest suburbs and other areas. Students who complete the Educator Prep program and continue to study teaching at National Louis University or Eastern Illinois University are guaranteed a student teaching position at a high school in the District or at one of the District’s partner schools. After college graduation, they will be guaranteed a job interview if the District has an opening in their area. 

    This program, which other school districts have adopted as a model, aims to break down barriers of access and affordability and, through strong partnerships, provide students with opportunities to become successful teachers in area communities and beyond.

    Education Academy

    Education Academy is District 214’s Capstone experience for the Education pathway.  A Capstone or Academy course serves as a culminating academic experience for students who have a serious interest in pursuing a career within a specific pathway, have taken prior coursework and/or participated in a work-based learning experience in that pathway and have a record of strong academic performance.

    Education Academy, a two-credit college-level student teaching program, is open to seniors interested in a career in education who have proven they can manage a rigorous academic performance. 

    After they are accepted into this program, student teachers spend three days each week learning and performing curriculum-based activities in classrooms at local schools. 

    To provide a larger perspective of the real-life educational opportunities available to them, participants are exposed to a variety of different educational settings, including elementary, special education, English-language learners (ELL) and junior high classroom settings. 

    Students take a teacher education class at Rolling Meadows High School during the remaining two days each week. 

    To be eligible for this program, students must:

    • Apply as juniors
    • Have excellent attendance
    • Have their own transportation
    • Take the prerequisite class Human Growth & Child Development (alternative: Psychology or Sociology)
    • Complete the application
    • Participate in a final interview process

    To apply for the Educator Academy, click on the application link below:

    Educator Academy Application

    Work Based Learning Experiences in Education

    The Teacher Internship Program, a course open to District 214 juniors and seniors, provides students interns the opportunity to perform a variety of tasks representative of the daily activities of a teacher.  Interns may choose to work with a certified teacher at their high school or at a local elementary or middle school. Students are required to provide their own transportation to off-campus locations. 

    Student interns have completed a variety of tasks in the Education field, including, but not limited to:

    • Assist in the creation and leading of lesson plans
    • Under teacher supervision, support students that may be struggling with a topic
    • Complete tasks to support the classroom teacher, such as attendance taking