• District 214 offers a comprehensive curriculum within our Career Pathways Program that provides students with the opportunity to discover their future while they earn early college credit, attain industry credentials and complete work based learning experiences all before they leave high school. 

    The Career Pathways program provides students with relevant, real-world experiences that break down barriers of college affordability and access, while preparing them for a future with economic mobility. Integrating academic preparedness through opportunities for early college credits with access to industry credentials and work based learning experiences, gives students an advantage as they embark on their future.

    Students have access to an extensive selection of advanced placement and dual-credit  courses in language arts, mathematics, science, computer science, world language, social science, business, technology, life studies, fine arts, physical education and more.

    Each school provides social, academic, and career counseling with a psychologist, social worker, police counselor, nurse, and school counselor on staff. Special Education courses are available in District 214 schools as well as through area cooperative programs. An English Language Learner/Bilingual program is provided in the district and the Young Adult Education Program (YAP) is offered to students who are unable to attend day school. Each High School District 214 school is fully recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education.


  • If you...

    ...are a student or parent who has questions about different opportunities and/or courses, please contact your counselor or career advisor.

    ...are a community member or business who has questions about how to support District 214 efforts, please contact Ann Cantieri at ann.cantieri@d214.org  or 847-718-7672.

    ...would like to financially support our Career Pathways program and student development, please contact Brooke Snell at brooke.snell@d214.org

    ...are a representative of a school district who wants to learn more about or visit District 214, please contact Kelly Martin at kelly.martin@d214.org or 847-718-7604.

    For more information about D214 site visit: District 214 Site Visits.

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