This handbook is a summary of the District 214 school’s rules and expectation. It is not a comprehensive statement of school procedures. School rules published in this handbook are subject to  change as needed to ensure continued compliance with federal, State or local regulations, and are subject to such review and alteration as becomes necessary for the routine operation of the school. Not all rules of behavior can be written and inserted in a guidebook; however, we expect students to follow reasonable rules and not violate the rights of others. All rules and regulations are set forth for all District 214 High Schools by the Board of Education Township High School District 214. For a complete list of Board of Education Policies visit: http://www.d214.org/board-of-education


    Communication Guidelines for Parents

    The Board of Education believes that the best place to address a concern is with the person directly closest to the situation. If a constituent does not feel their issue can be resolved with that person, the following guidelines outline the process that should be followed to expedite the resolution of a school-related concern. Per Board Policy 3:30, the Superintendent shall develop an organizational chart indicating the channels of authority and reporting relationships for school personnel. These channels should be followed and no level should be bypassed except in unusual situations. The chain of command is as follows:

    1.      Teacher/Staff Member
    2.      Building Assistant Principal/Student Advisor
    3.      Building Principal
    4.      Central Office Administrator
    5.      Associate Superintendent
    6.      Superintendent/Board of Education

    To ensure issues can be rectified as quickly as possible, we encourage our constituents to utilize these steps. Although the District strives to resolve all concerns as quickly as possible, it may take time to gather the necessary information to respond to your inquiry.