Course Types

  • Credit Recovery

    Credit Recovery courses are for students who want to replace a failing grade or repeat a required core academic course. Upon successful completion of the summer school course, the student’s original grade is replaced with an “RE” (repeat) and the new course and grade are recorded on the student’s transcript. For more information about repeating a course, see the Policies and Procedures section of the brochure. Credit recovery courses may be offered in person and/or online.

    Get Ahead

    Get Ahead courses are for students who want to satisfy a graduation requirement or participate in an enrichment experience outside of the school year. Courses may be offered in person or online. Get Ahead courses include:

    • Courses that meet a graduation requirement, such as Consumer Education or Fine Arts.
    • Courses that allow students to explore a career pathway, such as healthcare, law or engineering. 

    Invitation Only

    Invitation Only courses are those which are applicable only to certain groups of students. These courses are only offered in-person. Students who qualify for these courses will be sent information prior to the opening of registration.

    Invitation Only courses include: 

    • Bridge courses are intended to prepare students for a smooth transition to high school or to the next school year, with a focus on English and/or Math. These include courses such as Bridge to High School, Bridge to English Language, Bridge to International Newcomer Academy and Bridge to Honors Math.
    • Extended School Year (ESY) is an eligibility-based program for students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs). The purpose of ESY is to help Special Education students, who are identified through their IEP, maintain critical skills identified in their IEP. Extended School Year curricular programming covers various academic and functional skills that are taught throughout the school year, with an emphasis on the targeted IEP goals for each student. The purpose of Extended School Year is to also help students maintain learning targets following summer break, with opportunities for application of skills.