Food and Nutrition Services


    Dear District 214 Family,

    Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!

    The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) oversees all school meal programs throughout the country. The USDA has approved waivers that allow High School District 214 to offer free meals - breakfast and lunch - to all students regardless of their current meal eligibility. This means that any District 214 student can receive school breakfast AND lunch free of charge. This benefit has been extended to include the ENTIRE 2021-2022 school year!

    For the school year 2021-2022, all students are eligible to receive school breakfast and lunch free of charge through federal funding for the school meal program. However, it is still important for families who may meet federal income eligibility guidelines to complete the meal/fee waiver application. Families who qualify will be eligible to receive applicable school fee waivers and other state or federal benefits, as available. Instructional fees have been waived for the school year 2021-2022

    The online meal/fee waiver application for school year 2021-2022, is now available online by visiting the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. The form is located under the More/Meal Benefits Tab. 


    High School District 214 Food and Nutrition Services

    The Food and Nutrition Services Department of Township High School District 214 is an independently operated, non-profit $4 million-dollar-a-year program. More than 85 part-time Nutrition Services professionals take pride in preparing breakfast and lunch for more than 12,000 students and staff members daily. We believe that adequate nutrition contributes positively to students' learning ability, behavior, and general well-being. Therefore, we are very committed to providing this service to the students in the district. We prepare food on-site in all of our buildings. 

    Our Mission Statement

    To provide safe, nutritious, and appetizing meals and snacks at a fair price to promote and encourage the development of sound nutrition habits that will foster academic success. 

    Our Goals

    1. Provide quality meals in a positive atmosphere that encourages students to participate. 
    2. Offer the variety of menu items and snacks that our students have come to expect.
    3. Serve meals that incorporate a variety of foods that are appealing to students.

    Nutrition Integrity

    • Student meals contain adequate calories and a variety of foods to support growth, development, and a healthy weight.
    • Purchasing practices ensure the use of high quality ingredients to maximize student acceptance.

    Safe Food Handling Practices

    Our food services department is committed to providing safe, wholesome food to our customers. All of our central office staff, cafeteria managers, and General School Nutrition III employees who cook or prepare foods are required to have a current sanitation certificate through the state of Illinois Department of Public Health as a condition of employment. Many of our general employees, while not required, have also opted to receive this important training and have successfully completed the course of study and have taken the required refresher courses to keep their licenses current. All Nutrition employees complete safe food handling training annually. We firmly believe this education to be of paramount importance in our operations.

    All of our cafeterias are inspected a minimum of twice each school year by the health departments of the municipalities in which the schools are located. We are proud to say that our cafeterias continue to receive scores in the high 90's with some having 100% scores.


  • District 214 Food and Nutrition Services Office

    847-718-7638 or 847-718-7639