School Safety and Security

  • Student and staff safety in all buildings and across all campuses is and always will be District 214’s top priority. District 214 utilizes a multi-faceted approach built on best practices as determined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and informed by the District’s ongoing consultation with local law enforcement professionals and other emergency responders.

    While structural measures and safety protocols play an important role, District 214 also views safety and security through a lens of shared responsibility including staff, students, parents and various community partners.

    These partners include local police and fire professionals, with whom District 214 consults regularly. For their part, students and parents are encouraged to share safety and security concerns by contacting a building administrator or by using that school’s anonymous Tip Line (Anyone in immediate danger or concerned about immediate danger to others should contact 911 for help or assistance, rather than using the Tip Line.)

    District 214 applies all of the above measures to a research-backed belief that the most important element of safe schools consists of developing and sustaining positive and supportive relationships among students, staff and community members.

Key elements of District 214’s Safety and Security

  • Physical Building Security

  • Community Partnerships

  • Safety Drills and Protocols

  • Crisis Planning and Connectedness

  • Partnerships with Parents

  • Tip Line Reporting

  • Communicating During an Emergency

  • Resources


  • Please direct any questions concerning safety and security to:

    Chris Uhle
    Associate Superintendent for Activities and Administrative Services;

    Jessica Herrmann, Ed.D.
    Director for Student Services;