new online registration program for interscholastic athletics

  • We are now offering a new online registration program for interscholastic athletics through Infinite Campus. This will be the only way to register for participation in athletics and must be completed by a parent/guardian. Students cannot complete the registration.

    Registration for Fall 2024 athletics will begin on July 8, 2024 at 8:00 a.m. Winter and Spring sport registration will be offered at a later date.

    A parent/guardian can start the registration by clicking on this link Infinite Campus Parent Portal

    Parents and guardians in need of technical support can contact their school’s helpdesk.

Step-by-step instructions to Register

    1. Log on to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. The registration only works in the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.
    2. Click the menu icon on the top right corner of the portal.
    3. Click the School Store menu item.
    4. Click the Shop button for your student's school.
    5. Click the Products button under Athletic Registration.
    6. Find the sport you need to register the student for.
    7. Click the View button for the sport.
    8. Select the student name under the Recipient drop-down menu.
    9. Click on the IHSA Athletic Registration form. Read the information, acknowledge it, sign it and submit it.
    10. Once you are back on the registration page, click Add to Cart.
    11. Add more sports if needed, otherwise, click the My Cart button, ensure the email is correct and submit. You will see a confirmation page and you will receive an email.
    12. You can return to the main menu of the parent portal and click on Activity Registration to ensure the registration appears. Make sure to click the Upcoming button at the top to see sports starting in the future.

D214 Athletic Registration How to register for a sport

D214 Athletic Registration How to register for a sport-Spanish