• The Center for Career Discovery engages with more than 1,000 industry partners to support student work-based learning and career exploration opportunities. Annually, the Center supports 2,500+ work-based learning experiences. These include apprenticeships, internships, micro-internships and supported worksites, all of which help advise and affirm career choices for students before they graduate. District 214 is helping students make connections and gain invaluable job skills while also addressing the employment needs of local businesses and industries.   

    The Center for Career Discovery also provides career-related activities such as Career Nights and Career Treks, site visits, industry speakers in the classroom and career exploration presentations to support students’ skill development, decision-making and post-secondary goal setting.

    For more information about the Center for Career Discovery and the opportunities it provides, students should contact their counselor.


  • Megan Kelly
    Director of Academic Programs and Pathways
    megan.kelly@d214.org | 847-718-7696

    Dawn Czyzewski
    Administrative Assistant to the Director of Academic Programs and Pathways
    dawn.czyzewski@d214.org | 847-718-7670

    Kathy Wicks
    Partnership Manager
    kathy.wicks@d214.org | 847-718-7483

    Roger Guy
    Career Discovery Supervisor
    roger.guy@d214.org | 847-718-7933

    Kelly Broz
    Career Discovery Supervisor
    kelly.broz@d214.org | 847-718-7682

    Lisa Cooley
    Special Education Evaluator/Coordinator
    lisa.cooley@d214.org | 847-718-7931

    Kay Wilson
    Division Assistant
    kay.wilson@d214.org | 847-718-7958

    Kathy Schmidt
    Student Success Coach
    kathy.schmidt@d214.org | 847-718-7463