• Health Services, sometimes known as ''The Nurse’s Office", is a part of the Division of Student Services. A Professional Educator License- School Nursing (PEL-SN) coordinates Health Services with the assistance of a health clerk. The PEL-SN is a member of the Student Service Team. The PEL-SN provides daily health care for illness, as well as coordinates emergency care for students and staff. Directing the comprehensive school health program, which meets the needs of the students, school, and community, is an integral part of this role.

    The following services are among those offered by Health Services:

    • vision and hearing screening
    • counseling students with their personal health needs
    • medication coordination
    • recommendations for educational adaptations as necessary for individual needs including special education
    • recommendations for the adaptive physical education program
    • work as a liaison between the school, student, parent, and physician regarding the student’s health status when under a physician’s care
    • assistance for families in using available community health resources
    • compliance supervision with physical and immunization regulations with the Illinois School Code and Illinois Department of Public Health
    • maintenance of up-to-date cumulative health records.

    It is our belief that in order for a child to be successful academically, we must first look at their overall health. Nutrition, exercise, relaxation, good communication, healthy relationships, stress management, immunizations, physical, dental, vision, and hearing exams are all part of looking at each student in a holistic manner. We believe that these physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs are essential and provide a foundation on which learning can then take place. We, as Professional Educator License- School Nursing, along with school psychologists, school social workers, school counselors, teachers, ESP staff, coaches and administration all hope to provide a healthy environment in which your child can grow to his/her potential.