High School District 214 Graduation Requirements

  • English
    4.0 credit units

    3.0 credit units (4.0 credit units recommended)
    Including one unit of Algebra I and one unit of Geometry.

    Social Science
    2.0 credit units (3.0 credit units recommended)
    Must include one year of U.S. History or combination of U.S. History and American Government and one semester civics.

    2.0 credit units (3.0 credit units recommended)

    Career and Technical Education or World Languages
    1.0 credit units

    Fine Arts
    0.5 credit units

    Consumer Education
    0.25 credit units
    Students meet the consumer education graduation requirement by passing one of the following courses or combination of courses: Personal Finance (06210) Economics (07830), Consumer Education (59940)

    Physical Education and Health
    A minimum of 3-5 days of daily physical education is a required course for all students in each of four years of high school. The State also requires that students during high school take a minimum of 18 weeks (one semester) of health education. Refer to the Academic Policies and Procedures section in the D214 Academic Programs and Pathways Guidebook regarding substitutions for physical education.