Discover our new 2024-2025 Academic Programs and Pathways Guidebook

  • On behalf of both District 214’s Teaching & Learning and Community Engagement and Outreach Departments, I am pleased to present the 2024-2025 Academic Programs and Pathways Guidebook.

    This Academic Programs and Pathways Guidebook is a highly utilitarian, well-organized and easy-to-use guide for students and their families as they explore District 214’s unmatched opportunities to discover their futures during their time with us.

    Organized using the framework of the Illinois College and Career Pathway Endorsements and the nationally recognized Career Clusters, this new Academic Programs and Pathways Guidebook puts our District 214 Career Pathways at the forefront of all that we do. It presents students with programs of study that are researched, relevant and tied directly to post-secondary options and opportunities. 

    The guidebook is designed to allow students and families to easily access pathways that align with personal interests. For example:

    A student who goes to the Health Science Career Cluster will immediately be presented with the state endorsement: Health Sciences and Technology, the national cluster: Health Science, and the three available District 214 career pathways: Allied Health, Nursing and Pre-Medicine.

    Just below will be a student spotlight profiling a recent District 214 graduate who successfully participated in and completed the pathway.

    Turning to Allied Health, a student will find a red box that contains the four-year sequence of career pathway coursework that culminates in Middle College Health Careers, the capstone experience of this pathway.

    Finally, turning one more page, a reader will see the direct connection between Allied Health and students’ work-based learning and post-secondary options.

    This model exemplifies the design of each of our defined Career Pathways and, as such, has been replicated throughout the book in a format that is clear, concise and accessible to all stakeholders and audiences.

    This Academic Programs and Pathways Guidebook represents the actualization of our nationally recognized Career Pathways Program. The product reflects our extensive collaboration with district staff, university partners, regional employers, local and state economic development leaders, national organizations, and most importantly, our students. It weaves a seamless thread from freshman year through high school graduation and beyond, ultimately allowing all District 214 students the unparalleled opportunity to discover their futures and set a course for economic mobility.


    Dr. Lázaro López
    Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning
    High School District 214

  • Click here or the cover above to download the 2024-2025 D214 Academic Programs and Pathways Guidebook