D214 2022-23 Transportation FAQs

  • What type of transportation will the District be providing for the 2022-23 school year: shuttles, like last year, or traditional routes?

    The District will continue with the shuttle model of transportation with a few changes. Additional stops and routes are being added and all students qualifying for free transportation will automatically be assigned to the route and stop closest to their home. This is for convenience only. All students are free to utilize any shuttle(s) that best meets their needs.

    What are shuttles and how do they work?

    Shuttles are bus routes that bring students to and from their school throughout the day. Shuttle schedules coordinate with block times with routes arriving at school just in time for the beginning of each block and buses leaving school shortly after each block. In addition, shuttles are available to take students home after most extra-curricular activities. There are fewer bus stops in a shuttle system with stops strategically placed to safely accommodate each community. While students will be assigned a stop and route for convenience, all students are allowed to use the most convenient stop and shuttle.

    Do I need to sign up to be eligible to ride a shuttle?

    All students qualifying for free transportation will automatically be routed on a shuttle - no sign up is required. Routed students are free to ride the bus as frequently, or infrequently, as meets their needs.

    How will I know the locations of the shuttle stops and the schedule for each route? How will I know which is the best for me?

    All students qualifying for free transportation will automatically be assigned to the nearest route and bus stop. This information, along with the pickup time for the shuttle arriving at school for the first block of the day, will be available in the Parent and Student Portals no later than Tuesday, August 3rd. The District strongly encourages all families to check the portal for transportation information the evening before school starts in case any last minute changes were required. Schedules showing the stops and times throughout the day for all routes will be sent via email no later than Friday, August 6th.

    How far will my student have to walk to their bus stop?

    While transportation guidelines allow bus stops to be up to 1.49 miles from a student’s residence, most District 214 stops are approximately .5 miles or less away. 

    Who qualifies for free transportation?

    Students living over 1.5 miles from their school or whose walking path to school would constitute a hazard according to IDOT qualify for free transportation. In addition, some students receiving specialized services may receive free transportation. If you are uncertain if you qualify, please contact the Transportation Department at 847-718-7470.

    If I do not qualify for free transportation, can I pay a fee to allow my student to ride the bus?

    For the 2022-23 school year, any student can use the shuttles free of charge; however, bus stops are strictly located to accommodate students qualifying for free transportation. 

    Will activity and athletics buses be provided after school?

    Yes. An activity shuttle will leave each school at 4:45 pm and an athletics shuttle will leave at 6:00 pm. These after-school shuttles will operate Monday-Friday on every school day

    What transportation is available for Freshman Orientation?

    Shuttles will be available to take Freshmen that qualify for free transportation to and from orientation. Students should be at their regular designated stop at least five minutes before the time listed in the portal unless directed otherwise by their schools.

    Will I need my ID card to get on a bus?

    Yes. Once issued, a student ID is needed to board a bus. As students get on and off a bus, they will tap their ID cards on a reader located near the door. An RFID chip in the ID will allow our transportation software to log the time and location where a student got on or off the bus. This measure has been put in place to increase the safety of students. Please refer to ID Cards & Transportation FAQs for more details, including what happens if students forget their ID cards.
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