Advanced Placement

  • AP courses are rigorous, college-level classes that are aligned with skills and experiences which colleges recognize though an annual examination process developed by the College Board. District 214 offers more than 30 Advanced Placement courses and AP exams.

    Taking AP coursework as part of a balanced high school schedule can benefit students. These classes provide students with college-level instruction, preparation for postsecondary success and opportunities to earn early college credit, reducing college costs and time needed to earn a degree.

    AP exam scores are awarded on a scale of 1 to 5. Many colleges use these scores to award students college credit and/or advanced standing in courses. All public community colleges and universities in the state of Illinois guarantee credit for scores of 3 or higher. Annually, District 214 students take more than 9,000 AP exams with a pass rate (3 or higher) of more than 75 percent – well above the national average of 50 percent. Colleges outside of Illinois award credit differently based on AP scores. Further information can be found through the AP Credit Policy Search or by reviewing individual colleges’ AP guidelines.

    A list of District 214 AP courses and exams is below. Students wishing to take AP courses can discuss available options with their counselor.