Transferring Dual Credit

  • Many District 214 dual credit courses carry college credit that is transferable to almost any post-secondary institution, while other courses may have limited transferability beyond the intended degree or certificate program at their college or university. If students have questions about transferability with any of these courses, they should directly contact the college or university they are interested in attending. Additionally, students are encouraged to use the Transferology website, a national network for exploring college transfer options.

    It is critical to note that without completing all dual credit requirements, students may be ineligible to receive, use, and/or transfer dual credit. It is important for students to communicate with their dual credit teachers to be sure they have completed all the requirements to earn dual credit and thus transfer it to another college/university.

    Following the conclusion of the dual credit course, students will receive information on how to request transcripts from the institution they received the credit from to be sent to the college/university of their choice.