Registration and Fees

  • Registration

    In addition to enrolling in the District 214 course, students must complete the registration requirements for dual credit. The final deadline to submit dual credit registration information is the first Friday of the semester in which they are enrolled in the course.

    To be eligible for dual credit, students must complete the Dual Credit Application. The student will need to select all applicable coursework and indicate that they are opting in or opting out of the dual credit. Students that opt in to the dual credit will be enrolled at the university/college. Students choosing to opt out of dual credit will not be enrolled at the partnering institution and will just earn D214 credit for the course. Students must complete all required steps of the Dual Credit Application as indicated by their course selection.

    Watch this video or step-by-step instructions on how to complete your dual credit application.

  • Fees

    Some college and university partners have dual credit fees for enrollment in their courses. Fees will be added to the student’s account in Infinite Campus following the registration period, after the 30th day of the semester. Fee payment will not be accepted until after the fee has been assessed in Infinite Campus. Eligible students can apply for a fee waiver through the office of the Associate Principal for Operations at the student’s home high school.  

    Please be aware that fees vary by, and are set by, the partnering institution and are subject to change.