Dropping a Dual Credit Class

  • Dual credit students can ask their teacher and counselor to be dropped from the college/university portion of the course or dropped from both the high school and college/university portions of the course.

    Drops from the high school portion of the course are subject to the guidelines identified in the High School District 214 Academic Programs and Pathways Guidebook.

    Each external partner has a Drop Period when a student can be removed from the dual credit part of the course without any record of the course appearing on their college/university transcript. This period is generally Days 1 through 10 of the course.

    After Day 10, external partners have a Withdrawal Period in which a student may receive a W on their college transcript. Following this period, a student who withdraws from the dual credit course may earn an F on their college transcript. Receiving a grade lower than a C or a W on a college transcript may impact your ability to receive financial aid in college.

    Current drop dates and policies for each partner college/university can be found in the course syllabus provided at the start of the semester and are listed below.

Dual Credit Deadlines 2023-2024

  • Click here to download the pdf.