• For students seeking careers in the manufacturing sector, this pathway offers four main pathway courses as well as eight high school certifications and nine Harper College certifications. This pathway is designed for students interested in becoming machinists, woodworkers, machine tool operators, tool and die makers, chemical equipment operators, and technicians in a variety of fields.

    Project Lead the Way

    District 214’s Manufacturing Pathway provides students with state-of-the-art opportunities to earn early college credit and career credentials and complete real-world internships while in high school. In-school manufacturing laboratories, furnished with equipment donated or underwritten by partnering manufacturers, are supported by a curriculum designed in part by manufacturers that know what’s needed in the industry. 

    For example, Buffalo Grove High School’s Manufacturing Laboratory is getting a $1 million, thanks to an alumnus donor, which will make it one of the most innovative labs in the state. 

    At Wheeling High School, students in manufacturing courses have been able to work directly with NASA, building brackets and handles that will be used on the International Space Station. The pieces will help astronauts move in zero gravity. Wheeling was one of 15 high schools in the country and the only in Illinois to participate.

    The Northwest suburbs are home to many manufacturing companies, and a skills gap remains: Companies need well-trained employees to take on family-sustaining careers. District 214’s manufacturing curriculum ensures that students who graduate high school are career ready, educating the next generation of manufacturers with the skills for success.

    Work Based Learning Experiences in Manufacturing

    Student interns have completed a variety of tasks in the Manufacturing field, including, but not limited to:

    • Observe industry professionals utilize manufacturing technology to create products, such as with the CNC Machine
    • Track and record production data and inventory
    • Assist with quality control and inspection of products prior to shipping

Four Year Academic Plan