Aviation Academy

  • The Aviation Academy is a two-course program open to highly motivated District 214 seniors. Students must be seriously interested in a career in aviation and ready for college-level academic rigor. The Aviation Academy offers honors credit as well as dual credit through Lewis University. Acceptance requires the student to have a block of time available to participate in the offsite program. Aviation Academy meets during the last three periods at Chicago Executive Airport.

    The program includes:

    Year 1: Auto Systems or Project Lead the Way Introduction to Engineering Design

    • Embedded opportunities within existing classes to gain exposure to Aviation Pathway and careers.

    Year 2: Project Lead the Way Aeronautical Engineering/ Introduction to Aviation

    • Aviation career orientation class
    • Overview of topics and careers in aviation and aeronautical engineering.
    • Aviation guest speakers and field trips
    • Dual credit with Lewis University’s Introduction to Aviation (1 hour)

    Year 3: Aviation Academy

    • Senior-year capstone course taught by Lewis University faculty for Aviation Pathway students.
    • Taught at an off-site location using real aviation facilities and aircraft.
    • Meets three days a week plus field trips and career-related experiences.
    • Early college credit with Lewis University’s Aviation Fundamentals (4 hours) and Aviation Physics (4 hours)

    Participation in Aviation Academy is by application only. Because this is an off-campus program, a completed application, student transcript and attendance and discipline records may be considered for program acceptance.

    To find out more, contact your counselor and request that your Career Cluster of Interest be set to Transportation to ensure you receive additional information. You can also discuss your course schedule and desire to participate in career opportunities related to aviation.