• The engineering pathway is built on eight core courses, including seven in Project Lead the Way (PLTW), a program that offers as many as 15 college credits. This pathway also offers 10 industry certifications through Harper College as it prepares students for careers in aerospace, agriculture, biomedical, civil, electrical, industrial, mechanical and nuclear engineering.

    Project Lead the Way

    Project Lead the Way is a sequential engineering program that allows students to earn 10+ college credits transferable to many four-year colleges and universities as well as numerous two-year institutions. 

    PLTW, an eight-semester sequence of courses over four years, covers the foundations of engineering with hands-on practical applications of real engineering concepts. Its mission is to promote the long-term success of a growing and more diverse group of students studying engineering and engineering technology—fields that are experiencing critical shortages.

    The program, when combined with traditional high school mathematics and science courses, introduces students to the scope, rigor and discipline of engineering prior to entering a postsecondary institution. Students can take one or all of the program’s courses during their highschool careers.

    Work Based Learning Experiences in Engineering

    Student interns have completed a variety of tasks in the Engineering field, including, but not limited to:

    • Use data sheet and blue prints to understand the project outcome
    • Assist with the compilation of diagrams, material logs, and worksheets
    • Collaborate with the various stakeholders involved in a project

Four Year Academic Plan