Medication Guidelines

  • The responsibility for administering student medication rests solely with the parents, or guardian: thus a schedule should be arranged so that all medication is taken at home under parental supervision and not during school hours. In exceptional cases when medication must be taken during the school day, the regulations from the Illinois Department of Public Health, "Recommended Guidelines for Medication Administration in Schools", will be implemented by the school nurse as follows:

    1. The school nurse is to be informed of students who are receiving medication for long-term medical conditions.
    2. Whenever possible, medication should be self-administered under the supervision of the school nurse or administrator.
    3. Medication is to be brought to the school in a container that has been appropriately labeled by the pharmacy or physician.
    4. When medication must be administered at school, the parent/guardian is to complete a High School District 214 Prescription/Medication Request Form authorizing the administration of the prescribed medication. This form is required to be completed each school year.          
    5. The school nurse and/or the principal may, at their discretion, reject requests for the administration of medication. It is understood that the school district provides this service in the interest of the well being of students and as an accommodation to parents.

    For further information regarding Administering Medicines to Students, please reference Board Policy 7:270.

    To access School Medication Authorization Form, click here.