Physical Education Excuses

  • All students are required to take physical education during their four years in high school. Physical fitness requirements may be difficult for some students with physical disabilities. A written doctor's activity restriction will be required for any student who cannot participate fully in his/her physical education class. Written documentation from your physician is required for both short term and long term disabilities. This documentation must be updated annually. Occasionally a parent may excuse their child for 1-2 days during illness by writing a note and sharing this with the appropriate teacher. Students may be expected to make-up unfinished fitness activities when they are feeling better.

    Most buildings offer an adaptive physical education program for students whose disability cannot be mainstreamed in a regular physical education class. The goals of the adapted program are to keep the student in a regular class participating within his/her specified limitations or to assign an individual activity or reconditioning program following the doctor’s orders. When a student cannot participate in any area, he/she will be provided with health-related written assignments to complete. Depending upon the type and duration of the disability the student may receive a "P" grade on their report card, which does fulfill the P.E. requirement.

    The school nurse should be notified of all medical conditions including documentation from a physician. The nurse will address special accommodations, including elevator privileges. The athletic trainer will follow the doctor’s prescribed exercise activities and/or treatment modalities. Sometimes the physical demands can be rigorous in regular physical education. Programs may vary from school-to-school so communication with the school nurse is recommended.