District 214 Vision

  • The District 214 vision embraces continuous improvement and includes:

    A Board of Education that:

    • provides high-quality resources for students and staff;
    • respects successful programs and practices;
    • encourages continual improvement through risk-taking and innovation;
    • cooperates and communicates as a partner with parents and the community in the education of students;
    • celebrates student and staff success;
    • promotes lifelong learning;
    • involves school and community members in decision-making processes.

    An environment in which people are:

    • physically, psychologically and emotionally safe;
    • treated fairly and ethically;
    • valued for their unique backgrounds and contributions.

    Students who demonstrate:

    • analytic capabilities;
    • communication skills including reading, writing, speaking,
      listening and numeracy;
    • creative expression and educated response to the creative
      works of others;
    • ethical judgment and decision-making ability;
    • career- and life-planning skills;
    • responsible citizenship;
    • understanding of ways to participate in an interdependent world;
    • problem-solving skills;
    • concern, understanding and respect in social interactions;
    • technology literacy;
    • ability to develop and maintain wellness.

    Staff members who:

    • are active, lifelong learners committed to continuing professional and personal development;
    • are leaders in instructional practices;
    • create schoolwork that engages and challenges students;
    • are innovative, take risks and share what is learned from successes and failures;
    • are concerned, caring and compassionate;
    • cooperate as partners with parents and the community in the education of students;
    • use student learning data to inform instructional decisions and practices.