Brand Guidelines

  • A brand is more than a logo, tagline and color palette. It’s how we talk about the important and impactful work we do.

    It’s the stories of our students, teachers and staff brought to life through words and images. It’s our personality as a District. It’s our promise to the students we educate, the staff we empower and employ and the communities we represent. A successful brand is part of the culture of an organization –  believed, lived and championed by every employee.

    We are a forward-looking District working hard to prepare students for a world we cannot begin to imagine. Our academic approach is impacting the trajectory of our students’ lives and shaping public education for the 21st Century.

    As District 214 works to elevate its profile locally, regionally and nationally, we must build a brand that is consistently implemented across the District. By creating this brand, internal and external audiences will be able to easily identify who we are and what we believe, and what differentiates us from other school districts.

    At the same time we work to build the District 214 brand, we must recognize, respect and celebrate the uniqueness of existing brands associated with each of our high schools and programs of specialized learning. Our research shows that students, parents and alumni identify with their school, not the District. This must be embraced and leveraged to build sustained loyalty that will benefit the school and ultimately the District.

    Public education is about learning, and through learning we discover our future. As educators, we believe it’s our responsibility to encourage every student to explore academic and co-curricular opportunities that will inspire them to find their passion and reach their potential. Teachers are challenged to use technology to transform learning, take risks, share what they’ve learned and be innovative leaders in instructional practices. Community members are offered a wide range of continuing and adult education classes that allow them to enhance their knowledge and skills. For these reasons, “Discover Your Future” was selected as the District’s tagline.