Degrees and Certifications:

Andrea Rauch

Andrea Rauch and her husband, John, live in Arlington Heights with their two sons. Andrea works as a process analytical scientist implementing inline instrumentation and providing data analysis. As a parent of a current student in D214, Andrea knows the district is composed of dedicated and outstanding leaders that provide nationally recognized education. 

Andrea was fortunate to have a supportive family and strong educational community that helped prepare her for the real world, and serving on the Board of Education allows her to share that same support with students in District 214 while giving back to the community. She believes the future of this country depends on the success of the next generation and understands this success begins with a strong community and a solid education. Andrea maintains that an educational system should help students identify their skills and talents, and encourage them to use them.

She is excited about the opportunity to serve as a Board Member supporting and further expanding the educational standards for all students in District 214.

Term: April 2021 - April 2025