• Students in this pathway take four pathway courses: Introduction to Health Careers, Medical Terminology, College Nursing Assistant Training and Medical Science Academy. In addition, they can earn a State of Illinois Certified Nursing Assistant certificate from the high school and can take one of two capstone courses focused on health science – Medical Science Academy and Middle College.

    Certified Nursing Assistant Training

    District 214 offers juniors and seniors who are 16 and over the opportunity to become a Certified Nursing Assistant while still in high school.  For many students, earning their CNA is the first step in achieving their dream of becoming a nurse, radiology technician or other health care professional. For others, this course provides them with immediate skills to obtain employment in a variety of health care settings after graduation. No longer is nursing something that occurs only in a hospital or nursing home. Home health agencies, clinics, and many other settings are hiring Certified Nursing Assistants. 

    The College Nursing Assistant Training course is offered in conjunction with the Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program at Harper College. Training will include the development of basic nursing assistant skills through class work, laboratory demonstration, student practice and clinical experience.

    To enroll in the College Nursing Assistant Training course at District 214, students must:

    • Be a 16 year old Junior or Senior
    • Be able to lift, move, and transfer patients
    • Have health insurance
    • Meet all health requirements
    • Pass a criminal background check
    • Have eligibility to work in the United States
    • Meet coursework or test score prerequisites

    Work Based Learning Experiences in Nursing

    Student apprentices have completed a variety of tasks in the Nursing field, including, but not limited to:

    • Assisting  patients will meal times and observing patients receiving their medication
    • Communicating with the long term care resident in a respectful and patient manner conveying understanding and empathy
    • Obtaining vital signs, recording accurately and recognizing and reporting changes in the resident’s condition

Four Year Academic Plan