• Welcome to District 214 Technology Services. Recognized as a leader for the fullest implementation of technology benchmarks in the evolution of digital education, Township High School District 214 was ranked second in the nation in the 2012 Digital School District Surveys, has earned NSBA’s 2010 Salute Trailblazer Award, and was named a 2010 Technology Leadership Network Salute District.

    With the Board of Education’s support, District 214 is committed to achieving three measurable instructional goals — decrease achievement gap of all student subgroups identified by NCLB, increase student success rate as measured by As, Bs, and Cs, and increase number of students taking and passing AP courses — by using technology solutions to enhance all students’ learning opportunities. Due to this laser-like focus combined with a robust technology program, student learning is continuing to improve to new district levels. 

    The Technology Services Department supports and maintains all technology related systems throughout its seven comprehensive facilities. The District is committed to the use of technology to enhance learning opportunities for all learners to develop the 21st century skills of inventive thinking, effective communication, high productivity, and digital-age literacy to create innovative solutions to real world problems. Enhancing individuals’ use of technology effectively and ethically so they become capable of functioning in and contributing to our global community is essential. District 214 partners with the community to make technology resources accessible so its members can create, foster, and sustain lifelong learning.

    By using technology to track and analyze incoming data – academic, demographic, and behavioral – District 214 is better able to identify emerging student needs, both for opportunities and interventions. District 214’s goal is to create and maintain a learning environment that serves all students at the academic, occupational, technical and professional levels by providing them with programs and experiences that employ best practices and provide exceptional opportunities for success.

    Technology is embedded across all areas of the District including: Assistive Technology, Business Operations, Community Education, Educational Technology, Green Technology, Research and Evaluation, Technology Careers, and in Technology assisted ESL and GED programs.

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    • Christopher Budzynski 
      Director of Instructional Technology and Technology Services