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A new issue of Discover 214 Magazine is here.

A new issue of Discover 214 Magazine is here, filled with stories about the many ways in which District 214 is preparing students for success beyond high school even in the face of unprecedented challenges. 

This issue gives a glimpse of the means by which District 214 is nurturing strategic partnerships, creating virtual events, opening opportunities for first-generation students and refining career pathways to meet a shifting job market. The magazine explains the expansion of work-based learning experiences, including an apprenticeship program in which students earn a paycheck in addition to invaluable mentoring. Readers will find stories of the varied ways in which D214 both supports and is supported by the community during times of need. Of how D214 Community Education and Adult Education components have adapted to serve community members. 

It’s inevitable that the worst pandemic of our lifetime invites a focus on all that we’ve lost and all of the ways we long for a return to normalcy. Such reflections are only, well … normal. But that’s not the entire story of either the year past or this new year. For a broader view, this issue of Discover 214 shines a light on just a few of the many ways in which 214 - through persistence, hard work and creativity by staff, students and community alike - is staying true to its mission through it all.

Read the Discover 214 Magazine Spring 2021 issue.