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Arts Unlimited Drama Day event celebrates theater across the District

Published November 30, 2023

For the first time ever, D214 Arts Unlimited collaborated with Harper College to host their Drama Day event for theater and drama students.

“We’ve provided our students across the six schools in District 214 an opportunity to learn about all different areas in drama, it’s super exciting!” D214 Fine Arts Coordinator Jeremy Morton said. “And because of our collaboration and with the help of Kevin Long and Harper College, we have brought in some amazing experts to work with our in drama and theater.”

Students had the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops, including stage combat, musical theater, acting for the camera and more. Getting to interact with these theater professionals gave students insight into what a career in theater might look like.

“It was really fun because I’ve always loved acting and plan on being an actor in the future,” Buffalo Grove High School sophomore Jose Martinez said. “So I want to take up as much experience as I can.”

This event provided students with an opportunity to learn and collaborate with theater students from other schools, something they’re usually not able to do.

“The most exciting thing about today is just seeing how well all the kids are responding to different teachers and also other students who they normally don’t get to share this experience with,” Elk Grove High School Drama Teacher Miguel Sanchez. “That’s been the most exciting [thing], seeing their enthusiasm.”

By the end of the day, students and staff were ready to call it a success.

“This has been a spectacular and wonderful day,” Morton said. “We are very thankful for this collaboration with Arts Unlimited and Harper College.”