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    NEW FOR 2021

    Something new for the class of 2021 is a state requirement to complete either the FAFSA or the New Illinois Alternative Application for financial aid. For a few families a waiver is available, please talk to your counselor or the postsecondary counselor to see if you are eligible for the waiver. For all other students these applications are a graduation requirement and must be completed. Due to COVID-19 EGHS will help complete these forms in socially distant opportunities. Please make sure you to check out our calendar of events for potential virtual help sessions. 

    Click here for a step-by-step worksheet to complete the FAFSA or view the video below for a full FAFSA walk-through.

    Although you cannot apply for financial aid until October 1st, students can get started with scholarship applications. This page is designed to acquaint you with some of the local/community and national scholarships that were made available to EG students within the last two years. Because of the nature of scholarships (all monies come from donations), some of the past scholarships may unfortunately no longer exist for this school year. On the other hand, new scholarships may arrive at any time.



    There are numerous options for students to explore possible scholarships, below is a breakdown of the most common types of scholarships students may find.

    1) Automatic Merit Scholarships

    When students apply to most colleges and universities they are automatically reviewed for merit aid. This means that with an admissions letter students will see a message that includes some scholarship money. 

    2) Local Community Scholarships 

    Every year there are dozens of scholarships specific for EGHS students or local students. These scholarships can be found in Naviance under the scholarship section. We encourage students to check the site frequently as scholarships come in throughout the school year. 

    3) College Specific Scholarships

    Often times students forget that colleges, like EGHS, have their own private scholarships that students can search. This is different than the automatic scholarships they receive in their admissions letter. Students can search their college website or contact their admissions advisors for more information. 

    4) National Scholarship Search

    In addition to scholarships locally there are thousands of scholarships nationally that students can search. Below are a number of options but we encourage all of our students to start with Naviance's national search. Instructions can be found in the worksheet below.

    For National Scholarships

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