• How to send a transcript flowchart

    During a students Senior year they may find themselves needing a transcript for their college application or for other reasons. Here are the three main options for obtaining that transcript. 

    1) Self-Reported Transcripts

    Many colleges require that students enter their classes and grades earned for all four years of high school. The easiest way to access this information is through Infinite Campus. If students select "more" and then "print unofficial transcripts" they will see a PDF with all of their classes and grades earned over the years. 

    2) Common Application or Coalition Application Applicants 

    If students use one of the above applications their transcripts will be uploaded by their School Counselors after students enter the counselor information in the appropriate section of the application. We always encourage students to communicate this request to their counselor personally or via email to ensure counselors get the request from the application system. 

    3) ALL other options 

    For any other college/university/scholarship who requests that you send an official transcript students MUST use the electronic transcript services of Parchment. In September all current seniors will receive an activation code from our school's registrar. The activation code prompts students to complete their Parchment registration which will then provide them quick, reliable, safe electronic transcript requests. For more information please see the video below.