College Bound Student Timeline

  • Updated timeline

    During a student's Junior Year counselors introduce students to Naviance's College Supermatch. An interactive interest inventory to identify potential colleges. Please see the handout below for the activities instructions. 


    In addition to Naviance students have access to many free search engines to help with identifying possible colleges. Below are two additional options for families to investigate. 

    COLLEGEBOARD's BIG FUTURE: This is a free service from the team that brings you AP and the SAT. Students can, like Naviance, identify things like majors, distance from home, setting, and other criteria to find a list of colleges that meet their wants and likes. 

    US DEPT OF ED's COLLEGE SCORECARD: This free services from the US Dept of Education is similar to both programs above but provide students with more in-depth information like the average loan repayment for each University. 

    In addition, colleges and universities often send representatives to Elk Grove to give an overview of their school, their admissions process, and answer any questions students may have. For a full list of Spring Visits please click here