Teacher Letter Recommendation Form

STUDENT RESPONSIBILITIES (Please read these first!):

  • Confirm that you actually need a letter of recommendation before asking a teacher for one, as well as how many are required/accepted.  Please do not make extra work for a teacher if a letter is not actually required!
  • Make sure to waive your right to view any letter in the application. This is standard practice.
  • Ask your teacher 3-4 weeks before the letter is needed if they are willing and able to write you a letter by the required deadline(s).
  • If your teacher agrees to write you a letter, fill out this form completely, accurately, and legibly (you could TYPE it separately) at least 15 school days prior to the deadline.  REMEMBER – documents need time to travel/process, so if an application deadline is November 1st, set YOUR deadline for a couple of weeks earlier!
  • Follow up with your teacher 3-5 days before the deadline to make sure the letter will be completed as expected if it has not been already (Don’t hound them, just a friendly reminder!).
  • Optional (but highly recommended) is to follow up with a thank you letter afterward!
  • FOR COUNSELOR letters of rec, please fill out the “Counselor Rec Survey” for your assigned counselor in the JHHS College Application Guide: Letters of Recommendation menu instead of this form.

For the Teacher Letter of Recommendation form, click here.