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    Welcome to the John Hersey High School Archives. This archive was created in August, 2021. It is a work in progress. Check back often as it will be updated regularly. Meanwhile, follow us on X(Twitter) and Instagram.




    The purpose of the JHHS Archives is to maintain and preserve items related to the history of John Hersey High School. The archive contains items directly related to John Hersey himself, plus various pertinent materials cataloged for the purpose of preserving the history and traditions of the school. We endeavor to place as much as possible online to allow for maximum access.




    The JHHS Archives is organized into “Collections” and each collection is broken into types of items and the items themselves. The numbering convention of the JHHS Archives is as follows:



    Example: 68DED/PH/001


    That number points to an item in the 1968 Dedication collection. It is a PHOTOGRAPH. And the file number is 001.


    The TYPES of items in our collection fall into the following groups, the convention abbreviation in parentheses:


    AUDIO-VISUAL (AV): Videotapes, cassettes, digital video files, cd-roms, dvds

    DOCUMENTS (D): Programs, school-issued documents, calendars, lists, etc,

    LETTERS and CORRESPONDENCES (L): letters to and from individuals related to John Hersey High School

    MISCELLANEOUS (M): Items not related to the other categories, including pennants, clothing items, signs

    PHOTOGRAPHS (PH): Photographs of people and events related to John Hersey High School

    PUBLICATIONS (PUB): Published items including books, newspapers, newsletters, magazines, yearbooks




    The items contained in this archive are available to the public under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).  You are free to use the materials in this archive under the following terms:


    • Attribution: All items in this archive are owned by High School district 214. You must credit both John Hersey High School and District 214 when using materials in the archive, and provide a link to the license
    • Non-Commercial: The materials in this archive may not be used for commercial purposes without written consent.
    • No Derivatives: You cannot remix, transform or build upon the material, nor distribute modified materials.


    Any use beyond this license needs to be approved in writing. Please contact jhhs.archive@d214.org for more information.



Archive Collections

  • The following collections can be found in the JHHS Archives. Much of the collection is available online. Click on the link to be taken to the collection.

    1968 Dedication Collection: John Hersey High School opened in the Fall of 1968. The dedication ceremony was held November 9-10, 1968. John Hersey was in attendance. This collection contains various photographs, programs, and video from the weekend of November 9-10, 1968.

    The John Hersey Collection: This collection contains everything related to John Hersey and his family, including, but not limited to, correspondences and letters, books, programs, pictures, video and more. Note: This collection is still being processed and is currently incomplete.

    The AFS Collection: This collection was left by Hersey Librarian Dennis Olenick. He was the sponsor of AFS for years. This collection includes photographs of AFS students through the years, plus documents and videos related to the AFS program. This collection is not yet available online as it is being processed, but is available to view in person.

    The Video Collection: This includes all of the videos in our collection not related to John Hersey himself. The videos include retirement videos, senior slideshows, commencements videos and various athletic events. This collection is not available online and is still being processed.

    The John Hersey High School Collection: This is the largest collection in the archives, and includes all items related to John Hersey High School. Items include school calendars, yearbooks, various issues of The Correspondent, staff information through the years, scrapbooks, pennants, items of clothing, etc. This collection is being processed and is not available online at the moment.