Activities and Clubs

  • There's always something happening at John Hersey High School!

    Students can meet new friends, learn new skills, stay physically healthy, and get involved in their school community. Activities are both seasonal and ongoing throughout the school year. Additionally, students are more likely to engage in healthy behaviors and succeed academically when they feel connected to the school.

    Many of the most rewarding and memorable experiences students have come from involvement in co-curricular activities. John Hersey High School offers a wide variety of such opportunities through our various clubs and organizations. Our co-curricular programs promote confidence, teamwork, greater academic success, and responsible social behavior.

    There is an activity for every Hersey student who chooses to become involved. Some groups have a history within our school, while other clubs have been formed more recently to meet the changing interests of students. Faculty and staff encourage Hersey students to get involved and participate in any of several organizations of interest. Your high school years will pass extremely fast, however, friendships you develop and memories you make will last a lifetime. Get involved and make your high school years memorable, both for yourself and the many lives you will touch! 

Activities and Clubs Lists (click staff name to email)

  • Academic - Noncompetitive

  • Athletic 

  • Career-oriented

  • Competitive

  • Cultural

  • Fine Arts

  • Leadership/Volunteerism

  • Multimedia Communications 

  • Student Support