As tuition costs rise, applying for scholarships has become an essential step in making college affordable. Follow the simple steps below to locate and apply for scholarships:

Check out our full Scholarship Resource Packet for tips, advice, and other things to consider when searching and applying for scholarships!

1) Identify possible scholarships from trustworthy sources:  

  • File the FAFSA and any other required financial aid forms for need-based scholarships. See ‘Financial aid’ in the navigation menu to the right for more information.
  • Check the financial aid website for each college on your list for merit scholarships. 
  • The most up-to-date list of local scholarships can be found in Naviance. Students should search Naviance for an updated list of scholarships currently available:
    • Log into Naviance Family Connection and click on the Colleges tab
    • Scroll down to Scholarships and Money
    • Click on Scholarship List. JHHS students can research local scholarships for which they qualify and link to scholarship applications due in the next few months
  • You can also search for scholarships in Career Cruising. All D214 students have their own Career Cruising account. For instructions on how to search for scholarships in Career Cruising, go here.
  • Search for National Scholarships with a trusted search engine.
  • Don’t forget that parent and student employers, professional organizations or trade unions are also good sources of scholarships. 

2) Pay close attention to DEADLINE DATES on the applications.

If letters of recommendation are required, ask the writer at least three weeks in advance of the deadline so that they have time to write a thoughtful recommendation. Any scholarship applications requiring a transcript should be ordered through Parchment TEN SCHOOL DAYS IN ADVANCE of the deadline date.

3)  Complete the application.

Many scholarships use the same, or very similar, essay questions. Here are some Common Scholarship Questions you can get started on.

BEWARE of Scholarship Scams:

  • “Free Seminars on Financial Aid” are sales pitches for overpriced consulting 
  • “You can’t get this information anywhere else”
  • “You’re a finalist in a scholarship contest…” (that you never entered)
  • “For a small application fee or handling fee…” 
  • “You are guaranteed to win a scholarship or we will pay you back”

If you have to pay money for scholarship applications or advice or it sounds too good to be true, it is probably a scam. Stay with the trusted resources listed above.