THE TRAINING ROOM: Staffed by three (3) Illinois licensed, Certified Athletic Trainers, is a facility designed to aid in the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of all the athletic injuries and illnesses which occur to the student-athletes of John Hersey High School.

    LOCATION: The Athletic Training Room is located next to the Fitness Center, across from the Fieldhouse. Please feel free to drop by anytime if you would like to see our facility.

    HOURS: The Athletic Training Room is open Monday through Friday during the school day except for 4th & 5th periods. After school the training room is open until 5:45 pm unless there are contests in progress. On most Saturdays, we are open from 8a until Noon unless there are contests in progress. One of us will be on campus during most home contests.

    HYDRATION: Every student-athlete is encouraged to keep themselves hydrated during all contests and practices. Every home contest will have a water horse or water container present, with cups provided by the team’s coach during games. Every student-athlete may provide his/her own water bottle. These containers should be marked with their name. We strongly discourage the sharing of water bottles and cups as this will lead to an increased risk of the spread of communicable diseases such as colds, influenza, strep throat, mononucleosis, etc.

    INJURY & PHYSICIAN REFERRAL POLICY: If your son/daughter should sustain an injury during their practice or contest they should report this injury to their coach and then to the Licensed Athletic Trainers within 48 hours. If they also see a physician during the course of the season for a sport-related injury, they must also report this to the Licensed Athletic Trainers. If there is an upcoming doctor’s appointment, it is the athlete's responsibility to stop by the athletic trainer’s office before the appointment and obtain a Doctor's Visitation Form that they will take to the doctor's office, have the doctor fill out, and then the athlete will bring this form back to the Athletic Training Room. This form is used to improve the communication between the Athletic Trainer and your child’s physician and informs the physician of the therapeutic modalities available. It is imperative that the physician clearly states the athlete's participation status on the form to avoid unnecessary delays in their return to activity. It is District 214 policy that A WRITTEN MEDICAL RELEASE SIGNED BY A PHYSICIAN IS NECESSARY FOR AN ATHLETES RETURN TO PARTICIPATION. NO EXCEPTIONS!

    PREEXISTING CONDITIONS: Please help the Athletic Training Staff by informing us of any preexisting medical conditions (i.e.-asthma, diabetes, concussions, previous joint injuries, etc.) that may impact your son or daughters athletic competition. If your son/daughter is presently excused from Regular Physical Education due to an injury or illness, they must obtain a written release from a doctor placing them back into regular physical education before they will be allowed into an athletic practice or contest. If you have a question regarding this, you may call us at 718-4957 or 4958.

    TREATMENT: If an athlete needs the services of an athletic trainer they need to report to the Athletic Training room as soon as school is over or, on non-school days or late practices, at least one half hour before their scheduled practice time. For game days, one full hour before their bus leaves or contest begins.

    TAPING: To avoid the risk of re-injury, taping of the injury may need to be done. If that is the case, we also require the athlete to rehabilitate the injury at least 3 days a week. Rehabilitation exercises will be set up by the Licensed Athletic Trainers.

    If you have any questions or concerns you may call or email us at: