Physical Education/Health/Drivers Ed

  • Rolling Meadows High School offers a comprehensive physical education experience designed to teach students the skills necessary to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle during and after high school.

    When students enter the program as freshmen, they are exposed to all of the opportunities that will be offered throughout the next three years. The freshman program also includes a classroom curriculum that introduces students to the health-related fitness components and how they apply to their daily lives. Introduction to the fitness center is also a part of the freshman program so students have the knowledge of how to use all the equipment and technology safely.

    As sophomores, students will spend one semester in health education and one semester in beginning strength and conditioning emphasizing major muscle groups and basic exercise plan development. Sophomores also enroll in driver’s education where they will receive extensive training behind the wheel as well as a classroom experience that incorporates cross-curricular instructional methods.

    Juniors and seniors have the option to choose from one of the many electives. Each elective class focuses on central aspects of health related fitness as well as skill related fitness.

    All students perform a battery of fitness tests each semester.  Each course is designed to assist the students in their overall development.  Gradual improvement is desired until a student reaches a high level of fitness.  They are then expected to maintain that level of fitness.   Up to 50% of a student’s grade is determined by their improvement from one test to the next. Students are encouraged to continually work to improve their level of fitness outside of class.