Class of 2023 Second Semester Final Exam Exemption Criteria

  • The criteria for seniors to earn an exemption for second-semester final exams (May 17 and 18) on a per-class basis are listed below: 

    • No unexcused absences and no cuts for each block.  
      • Please note, the following types of absences are considered excused:
        • quarantine absences
        • field trips
        • college visits
        • medical (doctor note must be provided when an absence occurs)
        • homebound
        • administrative absences
    • No more than five tardies per class.
    • Overall, the second-semester grade per class must be either an A or B.

    Below are a few other key points:

    • Depending on specific criteria in a class, students could be eligible to be exempt from one class and required to take an exam in another class.
    • Students eligible for exemption may still choose to take the final exam to improve their grade.  
    • Parents will need to call the attendance office to excuse their student for those specific blocks.