English and EL

  • English and EL Division

    The English/EL Division is dedicated to teaching the skills that are integral to the English language in order to foster growth in critical thinking, reading, writing, oral communication, and multimedia literacy. The English curriculum provides skills and academically enriching experiences that will strengthen your student’s competencies and continue their academic growth to further prepare them for life, career, and college readiness.

    Our EL courses provide students with various learning experiences with our commitment to the many facets of curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Our EL curriculum continually incorporates the essential components of language acquisition- listening, reading, speaking, and writing- in a manner that builds upon and strengthens the students’ language acquisition. 

    Furthermore, our Theatre curriculum strengthens students' abilities to accentuate their sensory awareness, establish a knowledge of their relationship to the world around them, strengthen their powers of observation, improve communication with others, and underscore their cooperation with others in solving problems. 

    The English/EL Division also houses the Yearbook and Multimedia pathway. These media programs explore a broad range of communication elements including print, podcasting, streaming, photography, broadcast journalism, layout design, and the appropriate utilization of social media. 

    The English/EL Division’s mission is to provide the tools necessary for students to grow into insightful, creative, analytical, and responsible life-long learners and citizens. Please know and understand that Rolling Meadows High School and District 214 has made every thoughtful effort in our professional development to create experiences that are educational, equitable, intentional, and purposeful for our students. We celebrate all students’ heritages, native languages, and cultures. We value all students’ experiences, perspectives, and voices.