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Chicago Bears extend special invitation for Specialized Schools

Published December 6, 2023

The Chicago Bears organization extended an exclusive invitation to 10 Special Olympic athletes from our Specialized Schools. They enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit Halas Hall to meet Bears tight end Cole Kmet, a newly named ambassador for Special Olympics Illinois.

“Cole Kmet was just amazing,” D214 Head Special Olympic Coach Nicole McCormick said. “He was answering every question, from anime to what he does off the field, to how he preps for the game…[he] was just really welcoming to having all our athletes there today.”

The visit was a dream come true for the student-athletes in attendance. Special Olympic Athlete and student Christian Rodriguez has always wanted to meet Bears players and tour the Halas Hall facility.

For another student-athlete, meeting Kmet was a realization of the physical size and fitness of an NFL player.

“He’s like 6.5 inches taller than me,” Special Olympic Athlete and student Micah Johnson said. “He’s like more bigger muscle [than me] by the way, so I do really respect him.”

Overall, it was a very exciting and successful trip for our Special Olympic athletes, who were very appreciative of the Bears and Kmet’s generous invite.

“Thank you to the Chicago Bears and everything you guys have done for us!” Johnson said.