• After you have done the research and you have your REACH, TARGET, SAFETY & FINANCIAL SAFETY schools chosen, you now have to decide HOW you are going to apply. [Below is a great example graphic on the differences of each]
    Some schools have only 1 preferred university application, while others may use alternative applications such as the  COMMON APPLICATION or the COALITION APPLICATION

    Each application is different in that the essays have different topics and the information needed is presented in a unique way. 

    Please REACH OUT TO YOUR COUNSELOR or Ms. Amador-Zapata (college counselor) BEFORE you begin applying.  The counseling staff meets with students in every grade in future planning sessions to learn about postsecondary options and as seniors to learn about developing a college list, how to apply (procedure and materials needed), as well as financial aid and scholarships. 

    College Board College Application Checklist

    Reach Safety Schools

    Materials needed when applying to college:
    * Complete profile (student information, demographic information, etc...)
    * An Official Transcript sent either through  Parchment or via your counselor depending on what application portal is being used. This is also true of the Midyear Report (also known as 7th semester grades).
    * Resume/School Activities list
    * Essay and potentially supplemental essays depending on the college
    * Fee (check with your counselor if you qualify for a fee waiver) 
    * Test scores (optional depending on the college or program
    * Awards/Achievements list
    * Letter(s) of Recommendation (optional depending on the college or program)
    ** Some colleges may require the student to submit additional documentation AFTER submitting the completed application online. Example: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign requires students to complete a Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) also known as the Student Self-reported Academic Record (SSAR).

    Please communicate FREQUENTLY and CLEARLY what materials you need from your counselor. You will need to input your counselor's email in order for them to be able to work on their portion of the application. Be as accurate as possible when entering their contact information. Teachers and Counselors need at least 15 school days to fulfill a request for materials including letters of recommendation (last minute requests may not be honored). 

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