English and Fine Arts

  • Students at The Academy at Forest View have an English Language Arts course sequence that features three years of required courses and a fourth-year elective opportunity. Most students start with preparatory reading, language arts, or oral communication courses, and then move on to more advanced language arts courses or a writing class about literature during sophomore year. Juniors often take reading and writing or literature and composition courses. Students always have the option of following the core curriculum identified by their home school. 

    ELA electives include;

    • Prep readings in young adult literature,
    • Acting
    • Journalistic writing
    • Yearbook
    • College composition
    • Folklore
    • Short story
    • Popular literature
    • Speech
    • Creative writing

    Fine Arts electives include;

    • Art survey course
    • Introduction to fine arts I
    • ntroduction to visual arts.