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    At the International Newcomer Academy, our mission is centered around cultivating a vibrant and inclusive learning atmosphere for immigrant Multilingual learners and their families. We fervently strive to create a supportive environment that embraces diversity, providing equal and meaningful educational opportunities. Through our dedication to rigorous academic standards, we empower our students to embody empathy and lead within both local and global communities. By nurturing a deep understanding of our students' unique needs, we are committed to equipping them with the necessary tools to surpass their goals and aspirations, while cherishing the invaluable wealth of knowledge and experiences they bring to our school community.


    Newcomers HS is committed to creating an inclusive and nurturing environment that cherishes and celebrates the diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds of our Multilingual Learners and their families. As a prime community resource, our school passionately provides social emotional, and academic support to ensure that each and every student can fully unlock their potential. By guiding and empowering our students on their transformative journey toward college, career, and civic readiness, we inspire them to recognize their pivotal role within our shared community. At Newcomers HS, we believe in championing the holistic growth and success of our students as they navigate their path toward a bright future.

    Janice Aponte, Associate Principal of The International Newcomer Academy and Early College Center
    janice.aponte@d214.org  |  847-718-7836

    Diane Guzman, Administrative Assistant
    diane.guzman@d214.org  |  847-718-7937

International Newcomer Academy Staff