• Integration is the process of the gradual returning students to their home high schools for general education courses. Typically, integration begins with one or two courses at the home school while continuing to attend The Academy at Forest View for the rest of the school day. Then if the student is successful at maintaining his/her grades and level 3 status, the IEP team will discuss increasing a student’s classes at his or her home high school.

    The minimum requirements for integration are:

    • Maintain a behavioral level 3 for at least one full term/quarter
    • Only obtain minor level disciplinary referrals 
    • Complete an orientation at the home high school
    • Demonstrate appropriate social skills and coping skills 
    • Demonstrate healthy problem-solving skills and an ability to accept staff/teacher constructive feedback
    • Advocates for yourself in the classroom
    • Take responsibility for completing assignments on time
    • Maintain Bs or better grades in all enrolled courses
    • Maintain level 3 while integrated at their home high school
    • A student's entire IEP team must meet, agree, and support the integration.