• Welcome to the Young Adult Program!

    The Young Adult Program (YAP) offers District 214 students a unique evening opportunity to work toward their high school diploma.  At YAP, we offer both initial credit courses as well as credit recovery courses to support all students toward graduation. Students from around the district can either enroll in YAP as a full-time student or as a dual-enrolled student.  A full-time student would take all of their classes with YAP Monday through Thursday at night.  A dual-enrolled student would take classes at one of the district's comprehensive schools while simultaneously taking classes through YAP.  This allows students to recover credit without sacrificing their regular school schedule and eliminating electives or college/career opportunities.

    Scott Scholten, Associate Principal of Vanguard and Young Adult Program | scott.scholten@d214.org | 847-718-7877

    Natalia Negron, YAP Coordinator | natalia.negron@d214.org | 847-718-7872

    Giota Sbirakos, Administrative Assistant | giota.sbirakos@d214.org | 847-718-7899