Welcome to the Young Adult Program!

    This program is designed for students who are not able to attend day school and need to complete their high school requirements in the evening. In addition, YAP offers credit recovery for students who are currently enrolled in a District 214 day school. With the permission of their parents, guidance counselor, school administration, and the YAP Coordinator, this program allows students to enroll in a limited number of classes to recover credits from previous courses not completed successfully.

    Scott Scholten, Associate Principal of Vanguard and Young Adult Program | scott.scholten@d214.org | 847-718-7877

    Matt Wrobel, YAP Coordinator | matt.wrobel@d214.org | 847-718-7865

    Natalia Negron, YAP Coordinator and Counselor | natalia.negron@d214.org | 847-718-7872

    Giota Sbirakos, Administrative Assistant | giota.sbirakos@d214.org | 847-718-7899