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    Big, comprehensive high schools work well for most students, but not all.  Vanguard provides a personalized learning experience for District 214 students in a smaller, non-traditional setting.  Core academic classes are offered on a digital platform, are self-paced, and allow students to advance without time constrictions.  Vanguard also offers a variety of hands-on career pathway courses and electives to prepare students for post-high school success. This unique environment offers opportunities for experiential learning, service learning in our community, and career exploration.  Our model of accelerated credit acquisition encourages students to begin college classes and/or internships before graduating with a District 214 diploma.  Smaller class sizes at Vanguard School offer the opportunity to focus on relationships and build other necessary post-secondary skills.  This program strives to create a safe, harassment-free learning community where all people, regardless of previous academic performance, family background, socio-economic status, beliefs, appearance, race, gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation, are respected and celebrated.

    Scott Scholten, Associate Principal of Vanguard and Young Adult Program (YAP)  |  847-718-7877

    Teresa Sotelo, Administrative Assistant |  847-718-7890