Physical, Health, and Driver's Education

  • Physical Education is a part of the equation for success at Vanguard School. All Vipers and staff attend P.E. class together four days per week. The program was designed based on research that shows more valuable learning, greater retention and increased focus occurs following cardiovascular exercise. Vipers who attend and participate in physical education daily and submit written P.E. work will earn a P.E. credit each semester. P.E. points can also be earned on a variety of field trips, camping trips, after school, and at Forest View Open Gym.

    Health class is offered as a part of the Vanguard Experience during the first quarter a student attends the program. The Vanguard Experience is an orientation to the school and replaces service learning during that first quarter. The health portion includes CPR training and certification as well as a range of other topics. 

    The Vanguard School partners with The Academy at Forest View to offer driver's education. It is offered one or two semesters per year, based on student demand.