Application/Referral Process

  • To be referred to Vanguard the student needs to meet the following criteria; 

    • Completed at least one semester of HS prior to transferring.
    • Has a desire to work in a self-paced, personalized environment.
    • Is not exhibiting excessive acting out/delinquent behaviors.
    • Is not failing due to a current untreated substance abuse problem.
    • Is not known to be actively gang involved in the school.
    • Might not be better suited for other services/programs (YAP, ELL, or HSE).
    • Has an academic ability level suitable for courses offered at Vanguard.
    • Desires to work towards earning a District 214 diploma.

     Application/Referral Process

    • Vanguard idea introduced to student/parent to gauge interest (voluntary decision).
    • Vanguard Application started by the student in D214 Apply
    • The counselor will complete their portion of the application.
    • Vanguard team will review the referral.
    • Vanguard team will contact students/parents/guardians to set up a tour and intake interview.
    • Vanguard team will contact the counselor regarding student status.
    • Referrals can be made at any time during the year, and if there is space available, we will start the student at the beginning of the next quarter.


    Please direct all questions/concerns to:

    Scott Scholten 847-718-7877